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Christmas Decorating: Keeping It SimpleChristmas Decorating: Keeping It SimpleChristmas Decorating: Keeping It SimpleChristmas Decorating: Keeping It SimpleChristmas Decorating: Keeping It Simple

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Christmas Decorating: Keeping It Simple

It’s the beginning of December we all know what that means – it’s well and truly time to start the Christmas decorating.  I am no scrooge, but this year, the thought covering my newly decorated house in red Santas and tinsel and candy canes just does not appeal.  I’m even wondering if I’ll skip the whole Christmas tree thing all together?

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Instead, I’ll be looking to add a subtle touch of the festive season my home:  a twiggy branch painted white, with a few clay ornaments hanging at odd intervals, a few cut-out giant stars to decorate the walls and gifts wrapped in plain brown paper with brightly coloured ribbon.   Whatever I do, I’ll be keeping it subtle, simple and creative. 

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Here’s the start of my Christmas inspiration below.  What will you be doing in your home?

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating: Keeping It Simple

  1. Adrienne Aiple-Nigli

    Hey Beth,
    Love, love, love these xmas ideas. So simple and totally do-able! Cant wait to get started on my place :)

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  3. Beth

    Hi Adrienne, Thanks! Yes, they are nice and easy. I have a few simple star decorations around the place and that’s the perfect amount of Christmas cheer for me. Hope your place looks great also – Happy Holidays!
    Best Beth, Field Notes

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